Collaboration and the Future of Education

Book: Collaboraton and the Future of EducatoinDrs. Wilson Warren and James Cousins in the Department of History at Western Michigan University, along with Dr. Gordon Andrews '11, Grand Valley State University history professor, have published a book on collaboration.

Current educational reforms have given rise to various types of "educational Taylorism," which encourage the creation of efficiency models in pursuit of a unified way to teach. In history education curricula, this has been introduced through scripted textbook-based programs such as Teachers' Curriculum Institute's History Alive! and completely online curricula. This volume provides systematic models and examples of ways that history teachers can compete with and effectively halt this transformation. The alternatives the authors present are based on collaborative models that address the art of teaching for pre-service and practicing secondary history teachers as well as collegiate history educators.

The book is titled Collaboration and the Future of Education: Preserving the Right to Think and Teach Historically (Routledge, 2016).