Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad through the College of Health and Human Services at Western Michigan University can raise your geographical and cultural awareness and increase your employability by providing experiences that allow you to function more effectively in our global economy.

Available programs

Both Sides of the Fence: Understanding Mexican Migration in Guanajuato, Mexico (faculty-led)
A unique student cultural exchange and service-learning opportunity in Michigan and the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Students from WMU and from the University of DeLaSalle Bajio in Guanajuato "both sides of the fence." Learn more.

Community Health and Permaculture in Guatemala (faculty-led)
Students will partner with communities and non-governmental organizations in San Lucas, San Jorge, and Panahachel to raise up people and communities, contribute to the health and wellness of families and learn about sustainable agriculture and education practices. Learn more.

Cultural Connections in Senegal: Causes of Globalization and Consequences on Systems (faculty-Led)
The program includes a three week orientation, three weeks of field experience, and a two-week post program process where students incorporate their overseas experiences in to their practice, finalize their capstone projects, and engage in the dissemination of information about what they learned while abroad. Learn more.

Focus on Health Care: Summer School Utrecht (faculty-led)
Take existing health care courses offered annually at University Utrecht and Hogeschool Utrecht (Netherlands). Choose one course among possible summer course offerings: Nurses Work, Nursing Management and Clinical Leadership, Healthy Aging, Kinetics Therapy, Multi-professional Cooperation in Stroke Management, Pediatric Oncology Nursing, Eye Care and Diabetes, Rehabilitation of the Hand, Depression Management and Suicide Prevention. Each course will be a combination of didactic and experiential learning. Learn more.

International Perspectives on Aging (faculty-led)
During this 10-day program, students will visit clinics, long-term care sites, interact with elders in their homes and participate in the classroom with students at the University of Ulster in Belfast. In addition, students will engage in various cultural activities such as visiting Neolithic tombs and touring the Irish-American Folk Park. Learn more.

Jamaican Rehabilitation Partnership Project
This program is available over winter break or spring break. In winter, you can explore the state of rehabilitation services of the pediatric population in rural Jamaica. During the spring break program, you can learn about Jamaican culture, the development of occupational therapy, and volunteer in Jamaica. Beyond the walls of tourism is a land of strong-willed individuals who are eager to learn more about rehabilitation and break through the barriers of poverty. Learn more.

Exploring Heath and Healthcare Systems in South Africa
South Africa is currently under extreme healthcare duress, leading the world in HIV infection and experiencing a host of other public health related factors, including poverty, violence, alcoholism and HIV-related infections. This program includes formal and informal meetings with different health promotion and healthcare groups, visits to health and healthcare institutions, cultural activities and immersion, hands-on service learning involvement and group discussions. Students will be exposed to a number of healthcare practitioners, personnel from public health and non-profit centers and clinics, university-based wellness helpers, the previous director of health promotion activities at the NMMU, and traditional healers. Learn more.

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