Using WMU's Virtual Private Network

Use of a VPN permits secure encrypted connections to Western Michigan University's network. Users who connect remotely to University systems that contain confidential/restricted data are required by University policy to use the campus VPN to maintain security of  University data. To access the WMU VPN, click the appropriate link below. If you wish to bookmark the link, right-mouse-click the link as shown below and then select your browser option to add it to your bookmarks. If you save the bookmark after you have clicked the link and gone to the site, it will store an invalid link.

Note: System administrators setting up computers for non-privileged users to be able to use the WMU VPN portal should login to GoWMU and download the VPN installer from the VPN channel.

To use the VPN

  1. After selecting the appropriate VPN link above, login using your Bronco NetID and password.
  2. If you are using the VPN to remotely connect to a system that contains confidential/restricted data, or to connect to your work desktop, click Start in the Network Connect box. Otherwise, simply select one of the other links displayed in that box.
  3. The first time you select the Network Connect link, Network Connect client will install on your computer and you will see a Please wait... screen.
  4. Depending upon which OS you are running, you may receive download or run the application notices. Respond Yes or Run, depending upon which notice you receive.
  5. When the Network Connect client has been installed, you are ready to work.
  6. If you receive a warning about other user sessions in progress, it means you failed to logout from a previous connection. Click Continue the session.
  7. If you receive an Internet Security warning about a script from Juniper Networks that could compromise your data, it is okay to check Remember this decision and Allow.

Configuration and other notes

External WMU network VPN and local WMU wireless VPN connection settings

  • Maximum idle time: 60 minutes (requires authentication to reset time)
  • Maximum session time: 8 hours (requires authentication to reset time)


  • Maximum idle time: 15 minutes (requires authentication to reset time)
  • Maximum session time: 4 hours (requires authentication to reset time)


  • Must be enabled for and

No Network Connection selection received

  • If you do not receive it after you have logged in, you may have gone to rather than or you may be trying to sign in from a wired connection using a 141.218.x.x. IP address.

Traveling Abroad

  • We recommend using the VPN to access Western Michigan University resources while traveling abroad to minimize the risk of your activities being tracked.

Creating your own VPN bookmarks

  1. After logging in to the VPN, click the "+" sign in the upper right corner of the Web Bookmarks area.
  2. Fill in the Add Web Bookmark form and click Add Bookmark.
  3. Your new bookmark will be displayed whenever you log in to the VPN.

Editing your VPN bookmarks

  1. To edit a bookmark, scroll down to that bookmark and click the Item Properties icon.
  2. Fill out the Edit Web Bookmarks form and click Save Changes when you are finished.

Deleting your VPN bookmarks

  1. To delete a bookmark, scroll down to that bookmark and click the trashcan icon.

VPN set up on iOS mobile devices

  1. Visit the App store on your iOS mobile device.
  2. Search for and install Pulse Secure.
  3. Open the application.
  4. Create a profile for using the VPN from off campus.
  • Tap the right facing arrow to add a new configuration
  • Name: WMU off campus
  • URL:
  • Save
  • Create a profile for using the VPN on campus.
  • Select appropriate profile based on location by tapping the right facing arrow.
  • Tap Connect