Programming a Phone Card on a Dterm (Multi-line) Phone

Note: your actual phone may not be identical to that shown, however your buttons should be similarly labeled.

  1. Press the FEATURE button (1).
  2. Press the desired SPEED CALL button (2)
  3. Dial 9, followed by the phone card's 1-800 number.
  4. Press FEATURE again to save the number.
  5. Press the FEATURE button.
  6. Press desired SPEED CALL button.
  7. Dial the (generally) 12-digit phone card PIN number.
  8. Press FEATURE again to save that number.
  9. Hang up.

Using stored numbers

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Press the speed call button you used to store the card's 1-800 number.
  3. When requested to enter the card's PIN, press the speed call button where that was stored.
  4. When requested, dial the long distance number you are calling, beginning with the area code