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Accelerated Programs at WMU

Accelerated Degree Programs allow eligible students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in less time because the student may begin taking graduate courses while still an undergraduate.  During their senior year of their undergraduate careers, students in the accelerated program may substitute up to 12 credit hours of graduate course work for undergraduate course work. Once they enter graduate school, they’re able to quickly move through their master’s degree requirements because they’ve already taken several graduate classes.

The following departments offer the accelerated degree program.


Department Program Name
ECE Engineering (Accelerated)
CCE Civil Engineering (Accelerated)
COM Communication (Accelerated)
CS Computer Science (Accelerated)
ECE Electrical Engineering (Accelerated)
IME Industrial Engineering (Accelerated)
ME Mechanical Engineering (Accelerated)
MUS Music (Accelerated)
BLS Orientation & Mobility (Accelerated)
PAPR Paper/Imaging Science & Engineering (Accelerated)
STAT Statistics (Accelerated)
SWRK Social Work (Accelerated)
BLS Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (Accelerated)

Dr. Koorosh Naghshineh, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering(MAE) Department Graduate Adviser, Professor and Director, Noise and Vibration Laboratory notes, “MAE was the first [department] in the university to introduce such a program. It is a great way of recruiting our good undergrad students to our graduate programs.”

To learn more about Accelerated Degree Programs in your discipline, contact your program advisor.

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