Meet Tony Dennis

Tony’s career in higher education began in 1990 working as an admissions counselor at Kalamazoo College. In 1993 he was hired as Assistant Director of Admissions and Orientation at Western Michigan University. In June of 1999 he was promoted to Director of Recruitment and Outreach Director/Student Services at Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation. Tony has recruited students throughout the United States and has played a significant role in recruiting some of the top underrepresented (minority) students in the country to attend WMU.

Tony has a Bachelor of Science degree and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, both from WMU. Tony is Director of Recruitment and Retention in the Graduate College of WMU. His primary responsibility in the Graduate College is to direct graduate recruitment and retention programs throughout the university. He collaborates with department chairs, faculty, and graduate advisors to implement recruiting programs to increase the number of enrolled graduate students.  In addition, he promotes WMU as a provider of graduate education to college seniors and recent graduates of undergraduate programs, and to non-traditional students with undergraduate degrees. He serves on many university committees, coordinates retention programs, and directs the Graduate Diversity Program.

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