New Spring 2018 Courses

  • GIST 3500-Ethics of War (3 credits) with Dr. Fritz Allhoff

What is the moral justification of war? How do terrorism and emerging technologies change the landscape of war and its role in modern society? In this course we will discuss the notion of the morally rationalized or “just war” of tradition. We will consider how terrorism challenges this tradition by replacing tactics of preemption with prevention, blurring the lines between civilians and combatants, accelerating the speed and damage of attacks, and more. Finally, we will consider modern military technologies including weaponry, robotics, drones, cyber, and warfighter enhancement and their implications toward traditional just war principles. This course may be used as a GIST general elective, toward a States, Security, and Transnational Governance focus field, or other area of the major as determined by your academic advisor.

  • A-S 3900-Global Engagement Seminar Courses (Variable Topics) (1 credit)

  1. Humanitarian Intervention with Dr. Fritz Allhoff:

    From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 to the Rwandan genocide in 1994 to the Arab spring in 2011, the norms governing humanitarian intervention have been subjected to intense scrutiny and debate. These discourses are complicated by the multitude of stakeholders affected, the politicization of intervention, and the wide variety of forms intervention can take—from traditional UN peacekeeping to NGOs to full-fledged military engagement. Offered: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. (January 8 – February 9)

  2. Global Perspectives on Terror with Dr. Jim Butterfield:

    Why do people commit acts of terror? Is it something new or are there historical precedents? What can we do about it? In this course we will address these and related questions about a phenomenon that is constantly in the news but which is poorly understood. Offered: Tuesday, 2 to 3:40 p.m. (January 8 – February 23)

  3. Global Perspectives on Leadership with Dr. Eric Archer:

    This class will examine the nature of leadership from a global perspective. Students will be asked to think critically about their own leadership and their role as effective leaders in a global context. The class will include small and large group discussions, experiential learning activies, case studies, and interactions with WMU campus leaders. Offered: Monday, 2 to 3:20 p.m. (January 8 – March 2)

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Prefix change from INTL to GIST
Starting fall 2016 all courses offered through the global and international studies program will be listed under the prefix GIST. This change represents the need to distinguish global and international studies courses from study abroad courses as it was causing confusion among students and University staff.