Business Study Abroad

  • Photo of WMU faculty member and student in Italy.
  • Photo of WMU student in New Zealand.
  • Photo of study group at Singapore Airlines.

    WMU study group visits Singapore Airlines.

  • Photo of WMU students near the Sydney Opera House.

    WMU students near the Sydney, Australia, Opera House.

  • Photo of interns in Thailand.

    Opportunities include working abroad on projects designed to help a company and provide students with a global perspective.

Western Michigan University's Haenicke Institute for Global Education offers study abroad and exchange programs for business majors and minors in locations spanning three continents—Oceania, Asia and Europe—and 15 countries. Curriculum focuses include accountancy, economics, finance, marketing, management, and intensive foreign language. See the list below for countries and universities. Comprehensive program profiles may be accessed online at

Students should contact Barb Caras-Tomczak in the Global Business Center, located in 2320 Schneider Hall, for information on Study Abroad programs, scholarships and general information about the application process: (269) 387-5086 | Email Barb Caras-Tomczak

Walk-in hours

  • Monday and Wednesday: 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 1 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 1 to 5 p.m.

In addition, Joseph Rasich, Haenicke Institute for Global Education study abroad specialist, conducts walk-in advising on Mondays from 2 to 4 p.m. and appointments from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Global Business Center.

For more information, visit the WMU Study Abroad website.

Short-term programs

Dominican Republic: Business and Culture in the Dominican Republic (3 credits)

This program will offer students the opportunity to experience Latin business culture in the Dominican Republic. The course will include classroom instruction at WMU before departure as well as classroom time at Universidad Iberoamericana to introduce the students to how consumers and businesses operate in the Dominican Republic, with an emphasis on advertising and marketing In addition, as part of the program, some field trips will be offered to allow students to observe and interact with different types of business organizations (including advertising agencies) to better understand how consumer products and services differ in these cultures. There will also be site visits to a number of manufacturing companies operating in the Dominican Republic to understand global business operations.

For more information, email Dr. Karen M. Lancendorfer and Dr. Ann Veeck

Chile: Business and Culture in South America (3 credits)

Visit a variety of businesses, meet with entrepreneurs and local trade experts, and explore Chile's capital, Santiago, with optional trips to go skiing, hiking and horseback riding. 

For more information, email Dr. Steve Newell or Dr. Zahir Quraeshi

Ghana: Business and Culture in Ghana (3 credits)

This program will introduce students to business and culture in Ghana. It will use a combination of pre-trip lecture/discussion sessions, in-country academic sessions, and in-country business and cultural experience.

For more information, email Dr. Alhassan Mumuni

Germany: German Business and Culture (3 or 6 credits)

This program involves company and university visits while also including German history and culture. This program will visit Berlin, Wolfsburg (VW), Paderborn, the Rhein River Region and Colognel. This program includes an optional third week taking a Global Negotiating course side-by-side with German students. Visit the trip blog at

For more information, email Dr. Jim Eckert

India (Bangalore): Sustainability in the Developing World (3 credits)

Learn about corporate social responsibility and then travel to Bangalore, the "Silicon Valley of India." The trip will include a combination of historical site visits, classes about the Indian economy, visits to industries, dance and cultural programs, and service learning projects including an overnight stay in a remote village. The program is coordinated by Christ University in Bangalore, a WMU twinning partner.

For more information, email Dr. Timothy Palmer

Japan and Thailand: Global Business in Thailand and Japan VI (3 credits)

Two exotic destinations in one trip: Tokyo, Japan, and Bangkok, Thailand—all your dinners are included. This program also offers a famous optional week (10 days for $750) in a tropical paradise in the southern part of Thailand. Company visits include Bangkok Glass, Singha Brewery, Nestle, Beiersdorf, and others.

For more information, email Dr. Duke Leingpibul

Semester programs

University of Cantabria - Santander, Spain

The University of Cantabria is a good choice for WMU students seeking to combine the study of Spanish culture and language, at various levels of proficiency, with business courses taught in English through its program, European Business and Economics. It is a young, dynamic public university founded in 1972 whose main objective is to contribute to social progress through a firm commitment to teaching excellence.

CIMBA—Paderno de Grappa, Italy

CIMBA—the Consortium of Universities for International Studies—is dedicated to providing unique educational opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and executive program participants and committed to providing an innovative learning environment to better prepare today's young professionals for leadership in the global marketplace. The CIMBA campus is located in the Veneto region of Italy, one of the leading entrepreneurial zones in the European Union. See for more information.

Hogeschool—University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Long known as the traders of Europe, the Dutch have developed logistics to benchmark level in the international business arena. Hogeschool Utrecht is one of the largest universities of professional education in the Netherlands that focuses on education with a practical emphasis.

Keio University: Tokyo, Japan

Keio University is a private, co-educational university and the oldest institution of higher education in Japan. It is also one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the nation. The various campuses include Mita, Shinannomachi, Hiyoshi, Yagami and Shonan Fujisawa; students studying on this exchange program attend the Hiyoshi and Mita campuses. The Mita campus—the university's main campus since 1873—is located in Tokyo with an enrollment of more than 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The Mita campus is a 10-minute walk from Tamachi Station.

For more information, email  Yumi Takahashi-Ede

Norwegian Business School: Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Business School, BI (NSM) is one of Norway's largest research-based educational institutions with an enrollment of more than 18,500 students spread over 18 campuses nationwide. WMU students attend the Oslo Campus, which consists of two schools: The Business College and the School of Marketing. Approximately 5,000 students attend the Oslo Campus.

For more information, email Anastassia Kaml

Paderborn University—Paderborn, Germany

The University of Paderborn is a modern, comprehensive university of 14,000 students. It offers an excellent selection of courses in English, including business and computer science. Paderborn is a charming, medium-sized university town, whose name means "the source of the Pader River."

Rikkyo University—Tokyo Japan

Rikkyo is one of the oldest and most highly respected private universities in Japan, founded in 1874. The university now enrolls more than 15,000 men and women and is located in the northwestern part of the city of Tokyo. Students may study Japanese language and business and economics courses are offered in English.

Swinburne University—Melbourne, Australia

WMU students from business college will find a variety of courses applicable to their degree. Swinburne offers a unique portfolio of innovative, relevant and practical business programs which are designed to promote professional business career.