WMU global learning outcomes

The WMU Faculty Senate adopted university-wide Global Learning Outcomes on November 5, 2015. The aim is to match intentionality (global engagement is central to our mission and our strategic plan) with practice, ensuring students that "opportunities for global learning… [are] situated at the center of all learning—not just those areas with an explicit or obvious global focus." (1)


What globally related content should students take away?

  • Be familiar with the international dimensions of their chosen field of study.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and the varied forces that have shaped the world.


What globally relevant abilities should students possess?

  • The ability to communicate and engage in open inquiry that minimizes the assumptions made about others.
  • The ability to think critically and problem solve while relying upon globally relevant knowledge and a variety of cultural frames of reference.
  • The ability to use technology to effectively participate in global conversations and dialogues.
  • The ability to use a second language to access and express information, experiences and understanding.


What globally significant values should students be able to reflect and act upon?

  • Critical reflection of one’s origins, practices and habits of thought.
  • Willingness to learn from, engage with and be empathetic toward others from diverse backgrounds.
  • Respect for diversity and difference and respect for the rights of all to express and share their varied points of view.
  • Concern for becoming a globally engaged citizen who will work toward a sustainable future.

(1) AAC&U, "Global Learning: Key to Making Excellence Inclusive."