Near-surface Geophysics Laboratory

This lab, under the supervision of Dr. Bill Sauck, is housed in Rood Hall, home of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University.

The lab has advanced in-house and field equipment essential for geophysical research, field study and instructions. The laboratory has conducted research in fields such as glacial geology, archeology, water supply, contamination, mineral exploration and geomorphology. Additionally, a field geophysical test site is located on the WMU Asylum Lake property and has been extensively used since installations began in 1995.


  • 24 Channel Geometrics RX-24 Seismograph: 96 Vertical and 24 Horizontal Geophones, RS 96/24 Roll-along switch and cables for CMP profiling and 12 gauge Buffalo Gun Seismic Source
  • BISON 2390 Resistivity System
  • Fisher TW-6 2-coil metal detector
  • G-816 Geometrics Proton Precession Magnetometer
  • G-858 Geometrics Cesium Vapor Magnetometer /Gradiometer
  • Geonics EM-31 (Electromagnetic Induction) with MK-2 Data Logger
  • GSSI SIR-10A+ Ground Penetrating Radar with 35, 100, 300 and 500 MHz antenna pairs and custom underwater antenna
  • GSSI SIR-10B Ground Penetrating Radar with 100, 300 and 500 MHz antennae
  • IRIS Syscal R2 Resistivity/IP System
  • IRIS T-VLF EM system
  • Lacoste Romberg G-type Gravity Meter with ZLS update
  • Mount Sopris Matrix Gamma Logger
  • Schonstedt Fluxgate Magnetometer/Gradiometers
  • Trimble R3 GPS Receivers
  • Trime FMT3, Time Domain Reflectometry (for soil dielectric constant)
  • Tromino GZ3 3-component Passive Seismic system
  • Worden Master Series Gravimeter