Geomicrobiology Laboratory

The Geomicrobiology Laboratory, housed in Haenicke Hall, is supervised by Dr. Johnson Haas, associate professor of aqueous geochemistry and geomicrobiology in the Department of Geosciences. The lab comprises research equipment for conducting geomicrobiology research at Western Michigan University.

Access to the following equipment if available for your research and study:

  • ApplikonBio 3 liter chemostated bioreactor/fermenter
  • Conventional laboratory glass and plastic ware, reagents, standards
  • Coy type B anaerobic chamber
  • Field-portable Hach UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Floor-mounted environmental incubation chamber
  • Mettler-Toledo DL-58 autotitrator
  • PH/ISE electrodes and meters
  • Russian peat-corer (2 m depth range) and equipment
  • Several analytical microbalances
  • Spectrocam UV-Vis spectrophotometer