Alumni Spotlight

In the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at Western Michigan University, we are proud of our exceptional graduates and take great joy in learning of their successes. In "Dispatches from the Field," recent graduates are interviewed about their new jobs. Below is a list of recent alumni and where they are now. For more information about our esteemed alumni, check out our Alumni Achievement Award Recipients page. Are you a recent graduate? Keep in touch by filling out our update form.

Dispatches From the Field

Bryan Currie (M.S. 2016): Bryan Currie's education at WMU involved a strong research relationship with the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education. As a result of the hands-on knowledge he gained there, coupled with his experience working directly with local industry, Currie secured a position as a Geologist at Devon Energy in Oklahoma City. Read more.

Nathan Charlton (M.S. 2017): Nathan Charlton accepted a position in the National Park Service at the Lava Beds National Monument in California while still a student in the M.S. program in geosciences. As the GIS Specialist and National Resource Program Manager, Charlton’s job provides many unique opportunities to use the skills he learned while at WMU. Read more.

Richard Dudek (M.A. 2015): Prior to graduation, Richard Dudek accepted a job with the Alaska Forest Service in Juneau as a Geologist/Minerals Administrator. During his interview, he was asked whether he was comfortable flying to work and possibly carrying a rifle to protect himself from bears while on the job. As a veteran of the armed forces, Dudek was uniquely qualified in this regard. Read more.

Anthony Boxleiter (M.S. 2015): Before graduating with his M.S. in geosciences in 2015, Anthony Boxleiter had already secured an exciting position in the mining industry out West as an Analytical Chemist at Imerys. Read more.

Recent Graduates: Where are They Now?

  • Bryan Currie (M.S. 2016)—Geologist, Devon Energy (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Chanse Ford (M.S. 2016)—Ph.D. student, Michigan State University
  • Benjamin Hinks (M.S. 2016)—Geologist, Remediation and Redevelopment department at Michigan DEQ (Bay City, MI)
  • Jeff  Hudson (M.S. 2016)—Ph.D. student, The Ohio State University
  • Nathan Charlton (M.S. 2016-expected)—GIS Specialist and National Resource Program Manager, National Park Service at Lava Beds National Monument (California)
  • Dr. Hussain J. Alfaifi (Ph.D.2015)—Department Chairman, Geology and Physics Department at King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
  • Dr. Talal Alharbi (Ph.D.2015)—Assistant Professor, King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
  • Anthony Boxleiter (M.S. 2015)—Analytical Chemist, Imerys (California)
  • Richard Dudek (M.A. 2015)—Geologist/Minerals Administrator, Alaska Forest Service (Juneau)
  • Dr. Racha el Kadiri (Ph.D. 2015)—Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Dr. Lamees Mohamed (Ph.D.2015)—Assistant Professor, Mansourah University (Egypt)
  • Matt Rine (M.S. 2015)—Continuing Ph.D. student in geosciences, Western Michigan University
  • John A. Yellich (B.A. 1968, M.S. 2013)—Director, Michigan Geological Survey

  • Nicholas Panyard (B.S. 2013)—Inside Sales Specialist, Eijelkamp North America