Colloquia and Seminars

The Department of Geography at Western Michigan University regularly hosts scholars from around the world every semester. These events are open to the general public and all students are encouraged to attend these talks and seminars to gain invaluable information regarding the cutting edge studies ongoing in the field of Geography. All events are held at 3 p.m. in 2119 Wood Hall (unless stated otherwise).

Upcoming events

January 2018

  • January 19: Dr. Steven Bertman, Institute of Environment and Sustainability, WMU
    • The Impact of Climate Change and Forest Succession on the Atmospheric Chemistry of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds in Northern Michigan
  • January 26: Dr. Graham Tobin, School of Geosciences University of South Florida
    • Thus Can [a] Man Accustom Himself to Sleep on the Edge of a Precipice

February 2018

  • February 9: Dr. Timothy Filley, Purdue University
    • The Interacting Controls of Pyrolysis Temperature and Plant Taxa on the Reactivity of Pyrogenic Organic Matter in a Northern Michigan Forest Soil

March 2018

  • March 16: Dr. Carol Harden, Professor Emerita of Geography, University of Tennessee
    • More Disasters or a More Sustainable Future? Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change