Seita Scholars Program

Seven Priorities for Program Development

      1. Develop, describe and evaluate the Seita Scholars Program model of student development, growth and transition for local and national applications.
      2. Build strategies to strengthen the identity of students as a community of scholars within WMU’s student and alumni populations through peer leadership development, program events, and partnerships with other student-benefiting units on campus and organizations in the community.
      3. Cultivate skill-based career preparation through work study employment, career mentors and other career-enhancing opportunities.
      4. Research and develop course-based learning strategies that promote healing, life-long learning and healthy transition from traumatic childhood to thriving young adulthood.
      5. Utilize technology to enhance program operations, such as information management, data reporting, and student engagement.
      6. Create public relations and educational materials about the Seita Scholars Program at WMU to raise awareness about challenges and strategies for foster youth in higher education.
      7. Research and develop training and workshops for educators and foster- care professionals to better prepare foster youth for success in higher education.

Foster Youth and Higher Education Initiative
Seita Scholars Program
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