Orientation Goals

The goals of the Western Michigan University Orientation program are divided into four categories.

Institutional understanding

  • To assist students in understanding the purpose of higher education
  • To assist students in determining their purpose in attending WMU
  • To assist students in developing positive relationships with faculty, staff, peers and other individuals in the community
  • To help students understand the institution's expectation of them
  • To provide an atmosphere and information to enable students to make appropriate choices
  • To provide and encourage an atmosphere conducive to a multicultural campus

Academic understanding

  • To provide information concerning academic policies, procedures and requirements
  • To explain the process for class scheduling and registration and provide trained supportive assistance
  • To provide academic advising to inform students of curriculum requirements and expectations
  • To facilitate the registration of classes in order to complete the enrollment process

Student and parent transition

  • To develop a familiarity with the physical surroundings
  • To create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes and stimulates an excitement for learning
  • To provide information on personal safety and security
  • To provide opportunities to discuss expectations and perceptions of the campus with current students, faculty and staff
  • To encourage students to participate in social activities in order to develop peer and professional contacts

Services and opportunities

  • To provide information about and opportunities for self-assessment
  • To provide information and exposure to available student support services
  • To provide a meaningful residence hall experience