If you have a scholarship...

but don't see it listed on your award letter, be sure you have completed everything the donor agency requires. For example, the Kalamazoo Promise requires students submit an acceptance form link off site before we award it.



Many WMU students benefit from scholarships. Here you will find a wealth of information about a wide variety of scholarships available to undergrads.

New students

All incoming freshmen are automatically considered for these new student awards, including the prestigious Medallion scholarship. To receive these scholarships, you must enroll the fall term immediately following high school graduation, unless otherwise noted.  Students eligible for multiple scholarships will be awarded the one of highest value unless otherwise noted.  Renewal criteria may vary.

Departmental awards

Many WMU colleges and departments offer their own scholarships. Look here for a list of links that will direct you to awards that are specific to your major.


WMU is fortunate to have a number of endowed scholarships. These awards are made possible through endowments established by generous donors over the years. Criteria and amounts vary by scholarship. An application is required, and many require you to file a FAFSA by Feb. 16, 2015. Look at each scholarship for specific details.


These programs benefit veterans of the armed forces and their dependents. Details vary by program. You can get all the details about ROTC, survivors benefits and more here.

Michigan programs

There are a number of scholarship programs offered by the State of Michigan. The benefits and criteria vary by program.

Private foundations and associations

This page gives you specifics on scholarships offered by private foundations, associations, the Kalamazoo Promise and more. Private scholarship details vary by program.

Tuition Assistance for undocumented students available

Privately funded assistance is available on a limited basis for non-citizens who are undocumented and having difficulty paying their tuition. If you are undocumented and need assistance with your tuition and residence hall payments, we invite you to complete the 2015-16 Undocumented / DACA Student Financial Aid Application. In addition to tuition assistance, students with a work-eligible status such as DACA are eligible for jobs on campus. Information about student employment is available at BroncoJOBS. If you have questions, please contact Bronco Express, (269) 387-6000.

Other scholarships

This isn't the end! There are still a variety of other scholarships to consider, including those offered through intercollegiate athletics, frats and sororities and off-campus organizations.

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