Michigan Programs

The State of Michigan offers a number of scholarship programs. Benefits and criteria vary by program.

Michigan Competitive Scholarship


  • Achieve a qualifying score on the ACT prior to entering college.
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate or meet the institution's Ability to Benefit Standards.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • File a FAFSA by March 1.
  • Enroll at least half-time at an approved Michigan post-secondary institution.
  • Be a legal Michigan resident since July 1 of the previous calendar year.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Not be incarcerated.
  • For renewal, maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Meet institution's satisfactory academic progress policy.

Contact the Michigan Competitive Scholarship program, at the Student Scholarships and Grants office, (888) 447-2687 or osg@michigan.gov.

Michigan Education Trust

MET allows parents, grandparents, businesses and others to pre-purchase undergraduate tuition for a child residing in Michigan at any Michigan public university or college, including 28 public community colleges.


  • MET contract purchased from the State of Michigan.
  • You must notify the State of Michigan you are attending WMU.
  • MET notifies WMU on a semester-by-semester basis of eligible students and maximum number of credit hours remaining for each student.
  • WMU adds the MET payment to the student account on a semester-by-semester basis (after receiving eligibility information from MET).
  • Can be used for study abroad (up to amount of tuition and fees for 12 credit hours at WMU).

Contract covers: Cost of tuition (up to a maximum number of hours as designated by MET). Mandatory fees including enrollment and student assessment fees, the program part of the orientation fee and first year experience program fee.

Please note that room, board, books, non-mandatory fees and other expenses are not covered by MET.

Contact Michigan Education Trust at (800) 638-4543 or michigan.gov/setwithmet.

Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver


  • You must be enrolled at one of Michigan's public colleges or universities.
  • You must be 1/4 or more Native American blood quantum as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department.
  • You must be an enrolled member of a U.S. federally recognized tribe as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department.
  • You must be a legal resident of the state of Michigan for no less than 12 consecutive months.

Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver application form.

To obtain further information, write to:
Michigan Department of Civil Rights
110 W Michigan Ave Suite 800
Lansing MI 48933
Phone: (517) 241-7748

Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s Survivor Tuition Act

This program provides a waiver of tuition at public community colleges and state universities for the surviving spouse and children (under age 21) of Michigan police and fire fighters killed in the line of duty.
For more information, please visit their website.

To obtain further information or an application from, write to:
Survivor Tuition Waiver Program
Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council
Michigan Department of State Police
7426 North Canal Road
Lansing MI 48913

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship


The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship is a federally funded program established to promote student excellence and achievement and to recognize exceptionally able students who show promise of continued excellence. To be eligible, you must graduate from a public or private secondary school or have the equivalent of a certificate of graduation and must be admitted for enrollment at an institution of higher education. The award is for the first year of study at any college or university in the U.S. You must file with the institution that you intend to submit a Statement of Registration Status certifying that you are registered with Selective Service or that you are not required to be registered. For more information, please visit their website.

To obtain further information or an application from, write to:
Michigan Department of Education
Student Financial Assistance Services
P.O. Box 30008
Lansing MI 48909
Phone: (888) 447-2687

Tuition incentive program


The TIP Program at WMU is for students who were receiving TIP at a Michigan community college and are transferring to WMU with 56 transfer credits, or have earned 56 credits hours at WMU. A “TIP Letter of Credit” must be given to Student Financial Aid as proof of eligibility.

Awards are up to $500 per semester for four semesters.

Contact Bronco Express or osg@michigan.gov for more information.

Vocational rehabilitation


Educational benefits are available based on financial need for students with physical or mental impairments resulting in a substantial impediment to employment.

To obtain further information or an application from, write to:
Michigan Rehabilitation Service
Michigan Jobs Commission
P.O. Box 30020
Lansing MI 48909

For a listing of the MRS district offices, call (800) 605-6722. For more information, please visit their website.