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Need more money?

Even after receiving financial aid, some students need additional money. You may consider a parent loan, or PLUS, or a private, alternative loan.

Regardless, always be sure to file your FAFSA every year. Financial aid is the best way to pay for college. Call Bronco Express or visit us on Facebook.


Western Michigan University participates in federal , private and university-funded loan programs. Loans are an excellent way to finance your education. Undergrad and graduate students and parents of dependent students may borrow money to pay for educational expenses. The money that is borrowed needs to be repaid with a variety of repayment options available. Loan amounts are based on cost of attendance, class level, enrollment status, dependency status, other resources, and for some loans, need.

To determine eligibility for most loan programs, you must file a FAFSA link to off site every year.

  • Perkins: need-based, federally funded, for grads and undergrads
  • PLUS: for parents of dependent undergrads only, not need-based


Loan Servicers

The Direct Loan Servicing Center is no longer servicing federal loans

Loans from the Direct Loan Servicing Center have been transferred to new servicers. For information about your new servicer, log on to NSLDS. Borrowers may also call the Direct Loan Servicing Center and use automated phone prompts to receive their new servicer information through Nov. 15. Emails to the center will not be answered. The center will no longer be available by phone or online after Nov. 15.

Federal student loans may be serviced by one of several different loan servicers. To determine which servicer handles your loan, look at your loan documents or visit off site If you have a federal student loan, it may be under any of these servicers used by the Department of Education:

Aspire Resources Inc. link off site
CornerStone link off site
ESA/Edfinancial link off site
FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)
link off site
Granite State - GSMR link off site
Great Lakes Education Loan Servicing, Inc. link off site
MOHELA link off site
Nelnet link off site
OSLA Servicing link off site
Navient link off site
VSAC Federal Loans link off site

Looking for answers? Check out the loan FAQ. Get fast facts about loan limits, loan counseling and promissory notes.



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