Question of the Month

October 2017 Question of the Month

Do you have enough information about WMU academic support services to 
advise your student when help is needed and how your student taps into 
these services?

Answer Number of Responses Response Ratio
Absolutely yes! I have all the information I need. 131 12.8%
I know about some resources but could use more information. 310 30.3%
I'm not sure what's available or how my student finds information. 290 28.4%
I don't have a clue about what is available. 101 9.9%
My student is self-sufficient and doesn't need my help in finding resources. 145 14.2%
My student doesn't ask for my advice or assistance. 41 4.0%
Total 1020 100%


September 2017 Question of the Month

 Do you (or did you) support your student working during their first semester/year of college?

Answer Number of Responses Response Ratio  
Yes 776 51.9%  
No 638 42.6%  
Not Sure 76 5%  

If your answer is yes, during the first semester/year, does (or did) your student work...

Answer Number of responses Response ratio  
On campus 328 21.9%  
Off campus 163 10.9%  
Still looking for a job 288 19.2%  


August 2017 Question of the Month

WMU's Family Engagement office is dedicated to parents and families of WMU students. How valuable are the following resources? Please rank in order of importance.


Ranking Score

(1=least/5=most important)
Having a direct contact person (liaison) to assist me with questions/concerns 3.5
Hard-copy Family Guide, published annually 2.6
WMU Family Connection e-newsletters 3.3
Family Engagement Facebook page 2.6
Annual Family Weekend, hosted by Family Engagement 3.0
Total Number of responses: 478
* The Rating Score is the weighted average calculated by dividing the sum of all weighted ratings by the number of total responses.


July 2017 Question of the Month

  • Who typically initiates communication between you and your student?
   Number of Response(s)  Response Ratio
 Mostly me  101  45.0%
 Mostly my student  7  3.1%
 We're pretty equal  117  52.2%
 Total  224  100%

May 2017 Question of the Month

  • While your student was in high school, what information was (or would have been) most helpful to know in selecting a college? (Select your top three priorities.)

 April 2017 Question of the Month

  • How often do you communicate with your student?
  Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
More than once a day 151 13.6%
About once a day 258 23.2%
2-3 times a week 410 36.9%
About once a week 232 20.9%
2-3 times a month 42 3.7%
Almost once a month 10 <1%
2-3 times a semester 1 <1%
Almost never 0 0.0%
No responses 5 <1%
Total 1109 100%