Research Policies Council Members

MEMBERSHIP: The composition of the council can be found in the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article VI: Councils, Sec. 1

Council officers

Susan Steuer, Chair

Muralidhar Ghantasala, Vice Chair

Paul Solomon, Secretary

Ex Officio members

Osama Abudayyeh
Faculty Senate Executive Board

Manuel Bautista
Chair, Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award Research Screening Committee

Permanent members

Jennifer Bott
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Terri Goss Kinzy
Vice President for Research

Susan Stapleton
Dean, Graduate College

Patti VanWalbeck
Associate Vice President for Business and Finance (serving as the designee for the Vice President for Business and Finance)

Elected members

Onur Arugaslan (2021)

Chris Coryn (2021)
Education and Human Development

Martha Councell-Vargas (2020)

Anthony DeFulio (2020)
Arts and Sciences (Sciences and Mathematics)

Muralidhar Ghantasala (2019)
Engineering and Applied Sciences

Willem Homan (2019)

Katherine Joslin (2019)
Arts and Sciences (Humanities)

Jill Rowe (2020)
Health and Human Services

Paul Solomon (2019)
Fine Arts

Susan Steuer (2021)
University Libraries

Andre Venter (2021)
Arts and Sciences (Sciences and Mathematics)

Student members

Jonathan Eiseman
Graduate Student

Aneudy Mota
Graduate Student