Extended University Programs Council

The Extended University Programs Council serves as the advising group to the Faculty Senate and the Associate Provost for EUP on aspects of EUP and online education.

Council standing committee

University Studies Curriculum Subcommittee—to act as a curriculum committee for the university studies curriculum.

Charges 2017-18

In addition to its specific responsibilities listed in the Extended University Programs Council's role statement and the work of subcommittees if such exist, the Faculty Senate Executive Board charges the EUPC to consider, as a committee of the whole or through the appropriate subcommittee or task force, the following issues:

  1. Review the scope and description of the council's role statement and assess the effectiveness of the council's practices. Address any continuing or outstanding issues or initiatives as directed by the Faculty Senate Executive Board.
  2. EUPC acts in place of faculty/department/unit regarding curricular changes of EUP offerings, specifically the University Studies program of study.
  3. Review EUP processes and procedures to ensure the University is efficient and effective in responding to external opportunities.
  4. Explore, evaluate, and provide input on competency-based learning models for EUP programming, keeping in mind the diverse substantive and pedagogical approaches of WMU faculty.
  5. Evaluate and provide input on alternative and innovative learning programs such as middle colleges, on-line dual enrollment, continuing education and professional development courses.
  6. Actively collaborate with the Campus Planning and Finance Council’s Budget and Finance Subcommittee toward the goal of increasing departmental incentives to continue offering courses at off-campus sites.
  7. Address instructional process, and any instructional issues in the start-up of the WMU Regional Location in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Board on Aug. 28, 2017

NOTE: The EUPC will seek information from the Office of Extended University Programs to maintain communications with that office on issues directly related to it. Council recommendations are to be submitted to the Executive Board in the form of a report (see template). After review, the Executive Board may invite the council to initiate a memorandum of action (MOA) on which the recommendations(s) is/are stated. Any draft MOAs requested by the Executive Board should be submitted using the DRAFT MOA template.

The EUPC chairperson shall provide a written summary of the council’s progress for the year; list the above charges noting each item's progress and current status; any other activities undertaken; and draft charges for the 2018-19 academic year, no later than June 30, 2018.

Click here for a printable version of the EUPC 2017-18 Charges