Extended University Programs Awards

EUP Faculty Encouraged to Apply for New Awards

 The Faculty Senate EUP Council has developed two new awards to reward EUP instructors who have demonstrated excellence in innovative teaching and community engagement.

 Eligible candidates must have taught at least one EUP course during the academic year and may include an individual, group, or academic program as a whole. Winners may receive a one-time honorarium of up to $2500 for their excellence in one of two areas:

 ·         The Innovative Teaching award will be presented to those who develop or apply a teaching strategy, approach, technique, or tool to produce quantifiable gain for learner outcomes or the learner experience.

·         The Community Engagement award will be presented to those who document and exhibit new community partnerships in education or research and/or encourage greater student engagement with the community outside of WMU.

Click here for more information and to apply.

Questions regarding the awards or application process can be addressed to faculty-senate@wmich.edu.