Life Safety

Fire protection and emergency lights

security lights on a wallIt is our mission to ensure our building life safety systems are being maintained to meet the standards set forth by National Fire Protection Association. Our systems are inspected by certified life safety technicians on a semi and annual basis. All scheduled and unscheduled work for these systems are managed through our service center on a daily basis.

sprinkler head in the ceilingFacilities Management remotely monitors several million square feet of building space of our fire alarm system network. Furthermore, this monitoring software system is also available at Department of Public Safety which provides constant coverage to the campus. This system allows Facilities Management and Department of Public Safety to pinpoint the location of alarms which can provide a quicker response to an emergency.

green glowing "EXIT" signEmergency lighting inspections are conducted for all exit signs and emergency light fixtures in our buildings. Work orders are generated and issued to our electricians to address the deficiencies noted on the inspection reports.

For maintenance and service please contact the Facilities Management Service Center at (269) 387-8514.

For emergencies please contact Department of Public Safety at (269) 387-5555.

For information about fire protection and emergency lighting please contact Environmental Health and Safety at (269) 387-5590.