Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Faculty Learning Communities


A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) offers a cross-disciplinary group of 10 to 12 participants the opportunity to meet regularly to study pedagogical topics of shared interest in an in-depth, ongoing, scholarly, and systematic manner. FLC participants meet at least twice a month for two hours, delve into existing research on their common area of inquiry, then design and pursue individual projects that require them to apply and test new ideas and information about student learning. FLCs offer a more structured, intensive, and outcome-driven approach to faculty development than do more traditional methods, such as one-time workshops or ongoing but informal brown bag conversations. For a more in-depth explanation of FLCs and the theory and research that drive them, click here.

StART-II the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community

The Office of Faculty Development and The Office for Sustainability are proud to present the opportunity to participate in StART-II Sustainability FLC beginning January 2013 - April 2014. To join this FLC, please follow this link to register. More information will be forthcoming after registration closes on January 18th.

Check out the flyer for more info. Sustainability Across Teaching and Learning Flyer

SoTL Learning Community

This FLC is designed to build on the annual SoTL conference, although previous participation in that conference is not required.  Our focus is on deepening understanding of the scholarship of teaching and learning process.  Participants collaboratively work on SoTL research projects, and prepare proposals for SoTL presentations and publications.   There are currently two groups in existence-- one is working from Bishop-Clark, Dietz-Uhler, and Nelson's "Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning"; the other is working from Palmer and Zajonc's "The Heart of Higher Education."

Everyone Counts

The Everyone Counts Faculty and Professional Learning Community is an academic year-long experience where faculty, staff, and graduate students meet bi-weekly to explore literature, videos, presentations, workshops, and seminars all related to the central theme of race and racism. Participants will have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through this experience and to do so within the context of a supportive community. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply what they've learned to either a "focus course" or to a project here at WMU. Details and application can be found on the Everyone Counts page.

Mid- and Later-Career Faculty Learning Community


Do you ever feel like the students in your classroom have changed? They have!
Students' styles, needs, attitudes, and expectations change with each generation. Unsure how to respond to their learning approaches but interested in exploring possibilities with like-minded colleagues?
We have a great opportunity for you!

The OFD is pleased to offer a FLC for our experienced mid- and later-career faculty.  This FLC will be focused on effectively teaching our newest and youngest students.

As educators, our goal is to maximize learning, and to do that, we need to continually hone our craft, consider new teaching innovations, explore our attitudes and philosophy, and increase our awareness and understanding of contemporary challenges in the classroom. This is a co-constructed professional development experience and participants will have considerable influence in shaping topics and methodologies.  

If you're willing to dedicate a small part of your school year to enhance and diversify your teaching through a dialogue with other faculty on how to reach our current students, consider joining the Mid- and Later Career FLC.  

When: Starting 18th September and meeting every other week (9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13)
Time:  2 to 4 p.m.
Location:   Room  3340 Schneider Hall
Kailash Bafna, 30+ year Professor, Dept. of Industrial & Manuf. Engineering
Jan Gabel-Goes, Associate Director of OFD, 20+ years of teaching experience, Master Faculty Specialist in Business Communications

To apply fill out the Faculty Learning Community Application.




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