Chris Coryn

Photo of Chris Coryn
Chris L.S. Coryn
Associate Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation Program
(269) 387-5906
(269) 387-5923
4445 Ellsworth Hall, Mail Stop 5237
Mailing address: 
The Evaluation Center
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5237 USA
Research interests: 
  • Research of evaluation theories, methods and practices
  • Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods
  • Meta-analysis and research synthesis

Dr. Chris Coryn is director of the interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation program at Western Michigan University.

Recent publications:

  • Coryn, C. L. S., Wilson, L. N., Westine, C. D., Hobson, K. A., Ozeki, S., Fiekowsky, E. L., Greenman II, G. D., & Schröter, D. C. (2017). A decade of research on evaluation: A systematic review of research on evaluation published between 2005 and 2014. American Journal of Evaluation, 38(3), 329-347.
  • Carlson, L., Mikeska, J., Harrison III, R. L., & Coryn, C. L. S. (2017). The influence of parental and communication style on consumer socialization: A meta-analysis informs marketing strategy and considerations involving parent-child interventions. Journal of Advertising Research, 57(3), 319-334.
  • Coryn, C. L. S., Ozeki, S., Wilson, L. N., Greenman II, G. D., Schröter, D. C., Hobson, K. A., Azzam, T., & Vo, A. T. (2016). Does research on evaluation matter? Findings from a survey of American Evaluation Association members and prominent evaluation theorists and scholars. American Journal of Evaluation, 37(2), 159-173
  • Awgu, E., Magura, S., & Coryn, C. L. S. (2016). Social capital, substance use disorder and depression among youth. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 42(2), 213-221
  • Coryn, C. L. S., Hobson, K. A., & McCowen, R. H. (2015). Meta-analysis as a method of multi-site evaluation: An example from international development. Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 15(3), 4-14
  • Coryn, C. L. S., & Westine, C. D. (Eds.). (2015). Contemporary trends in evaluation research (Vols. I-IV; Sage benchmarks in social research methods). London, UK: Sage.
  • Magura, S., Burkhardt, J., Schröter, D. C., Means, S. Vladimirovna, Y., & Coryn, C. L. S. (2015). Assessing standards of evidence in evidence-based program registers for behavioral health treatments. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 146, e191.
  • Burkhardt, J. T., Schröter, D. C., Magura, S., Means, S. N., & Coryn, C. L. S. (2015). An overview of evidence-based program registers (EBPRs) for behavioral health. Evaluation and Program Planning, 48, 92-99
  • Means, S. N., Magura, S., Burkhardt, J. T., Schröter, D. C., & Coryn, C. L. S. (2015). Comparing rating paradigms for evidence-based program registers in behavioral health: Evidentiary criteria and implications for assessing programs. Evaluation and Program Planning, 48, 100-116
  • Stufflebeam, D. L., & Coryn, C. L. S. (2014). Evaluation theory, models, & applications (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.