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A Statement from Our Undergraduate Director:

The undergraduate program in the Department of English focuses on the study of English language and literature, writing, and English education. Our goal is to help students gain and develop skills in analyzing texts, communicating through the written and spoken word, and in thinking critically—all important skills in the work place and for life in general. We believe that well-read individuals who can reason, persuade, and communicate will be more fulfilled personally and will make better citizens of the world.

Our four majors and five minors are designed to offer a variety of approaches to the study of English. Please take the time to explore these options by following the links in the sidebar. If you do not plan on majoring or minoring in English, we welcome you to try some English classes as a way to expand your liberal arts education at Western Michigan University.

Faculty advisors are available whenever the university is in session to answer your questions and to help with any problems you might encounter. General advising information (including walk-in advising hours and FAQs) can be found at the Advising link. You can email me and I am always happy to hear your questions and comments and will attempt to get right back to you in a timely manner.

Best wishes,

Dr. Phil Egan
Undergraduate Director

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