Alumni Excellence Academy Inductee 2016

Kevin Khaw

'02, BS Computer Engineering

'05, MS Engineering Management


Kevin Khaw is currently an Engineering Manager at Google. Over the last 10 years, he has seen Google grow from a mid-size company to one of the most vibrant and innovative companies in the world. He continues to feel empowered to make a difference, solve difficult problems, and learn from the best and brightest in every field. Cloud computing continues to change the IT landscape and he currently works on growing and expanding Google’s new Cloud Platform business into new industries and markets. 

He received a B.S in Computer Engineering (2002) and a M.S in Engineering Management (2005) from Western Michigan University. During his time at Western, he worked for the Office of Information Technology and went on as a graduate assistant to help the college migrate technology from Kohrman Hall to the Parkview campus. He now spends his time connecting and sharing his experiences with current students. Outside work, he loves spending time with his wife and kids, and gardening to get away from technology.