Bronco Feed

What is Bronco Feed?

Gourmet buttery caramel popcorn packaged in a cellophane bag, heat sealed for freshness with a private label "WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Registered Student Organizations." It's for sale at the Bernhard Center, WMU Bookstore and Parkview Café in Floyd Hall. The product will be available in other campus locations soon.

Why Bronco Feed?

Students at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) are involved in nearly 30 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), many of them affiliated with professional societies. These groups participate in outreach projects in our local community and abroad. Some compete in design/build competitions that take them all over the country. These projects and competitions often require significant funding. The sale of Bronco Feed and the funds it will provide will help students participate in these competitions and move forward on projects that solve problems, make a difference and change people's lives. It's a great way for our university to support students, students to support students, and our local community to support some of WMU's student organizations.

Who will benefit?

The RSOs at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
List of Registered Student Organizations at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences available here.

Is your RSO interested in selling Bronco Feed?

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