Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics

The Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics (CAPE) is the recipient of the 2012 FLEXI R&D Award.


Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics, housed in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Western Michigan University, is to provide a facility for research, development and application of materials for the fabrication of flexible electronic devices on printing press. The center contributes to the advancement of the printing, paper, and electronics industries, and their suppliers through the material design and analysis, device prototyping, device testing, press engineering, press-setup, education and training. Examples of printed flexible electronic devices include sensors, organic photovoltaics, intelligent packaging, radio frequency identification devices and flexible displays.


  • To become a world recognized research center for the advancement and development of printed flexible electronic devices.

  • To engage industrial partners in the research and development of state-of-the art printed flexible electronic technologies.

  • To become a world recognized training and education center for printed flexible electronic technologies.

Distinguishing Activities:

The distinguishing activities of the Center are its multidisciplinary approach to research. Research teams are formed from faculty across multiple departments and multiple colleges. The faculty utilizes the facilities of existing WMU technology centers, and WMU's pilot plant facilities to accomplish their research goals. The department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging currently has an established research program in this area. The center has access to a printing pilot presses located in the Printing Pilot Plant at Welborn Hall which are dedicated to fulfilling the research needs of the center.

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