Alumni Selected to American Achieves Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship

Aug. 26, 2015

Ten alumni from the College of Education and Human Development have been selected for the 2015-16 American Achieves Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship.

The Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship is a branch of the national America Achieves Teacher & Principal Fellowship. The fellowship’s goal is to empower outstanding teachers and principals to elevate their voices in public conversations about teaching and learning, to assume leadership roles in their schools and communities, and to influence education policies at the local, state, and national levels, including the implementation of college- and career-ready standards.

CEHD alumni Michigan Educator Voice Fellows:

  • Carolyn Bolduc (M.A. ’14, Educational Technology)
  • Jennifer Bond (B.S. ’98, Elementary Education)
  • Joshua Bridges (B.S. ’05, Career and Technical Education; MA ’13, Educational Technology)
  • Erin Mastin (Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology)
  • Matthew McCullough (B.S. '02, Secondary Education; MA '09; Educational Leadership)
  • Michelle Oppenheim (B.S. '03, Secondary Education)
  • Shelley Peets (M.A. ’01, Educational Leadership)
  • Sara Schymick (B.S. '05, Elementary Education)
  • Jonathon Wennstrom (B.S. '95, Elementary Education)

CEHD alumna Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship Project Manager:

  • Donna Rummel (B.S. ’98, Secondary Education)

For more information, please visit the Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship.