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Room and Board Rates

How is my Residence Hall and Dining Advantage rate determined?

Your room and board rate is locked-in the first year you submit a housing contract.

How do I find out what my room and board contract rate is?

Visit Residence Life's rates web page for current rates. To determine your Advantage rate, refer to the Room and Board contract rate sheets below according to the first year you signed a contract.

How will the billing process work for the Residence Hall and Dining Advantage?

Your locked-in rate is automatically applied and will show up on your statement.

Will I receive a refund check?

No. Room and board is billed automatically to your account, and no refund is given.

Are special services fees and cancellation charges included?

No. The Residence Hall and Dining Advantage applies only to room and board rates. Additional service fees, miscellaneous charges, and cancellation charges are not included.

Will my special room and board rate be locked in?

No. Special rates are not included, such as new transfer student incentives.