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Room and Board Meal Plans

Will my Dining Services meal plan rates also lock in?

Yes! Your meal plan rate will remain the same for up to four years as long as you are living in a traditional residence hall room and on a meal plan listed on the Residence Hall and Dining Service contract.

Do I need to have a Dining Services meal plan to be eligible?

No. If you have a room only housing plan, you still benefit from the locked-in room and board rate. Of course, if you choose to add a meal plan in the future, the meal plan rate will be charged according to the first year you submitted a housing contract.

Can I change my meal plan, for example, from a 15 Meal Plan to a Gold Meal Plan?

Yes. You will be billed for the Gold meal plan according to the rates that were established the first year that you submitted a housing contract.

If I have an off-campus meal plan, do I receive the same price as the meal plan I had last year when I lived in the residence halls?

No. The Residence Hall and Dining Advantage is only available to students in traditional residence halls.

Does the locked-in rate apply to the WMU Campus Cafés?

No. Campus Café pricing and the dollar value of the meal equivalency at Parkview Café are not included.