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Room and Board Eligibility

Who is eligible for the Residence Hall and Dining Advantage?

ALL WMU students are eligible to participate including graduate, part-time and transfer students.

Do I have to participate in the Western Edge academic program to be eligible?

No. There are no other requirements for participation.

Can students who live off campus come back and benefit from the program?

Absolutely! We encourage students to move on campus and take advantage of the rewards.

Your room and board rate will be locked-in the first year you submit a housing contract.

What if I signed a housing contract before 2007-08?

You will automatically receive the benefits. Your room and board rate will be locked-in to the 2007-08 rates for up to four years.

Can I move to a different residence hall?

Yes. You can live in any traditional WMU residence hall.

Can I change from a double room to a Super Single?

Yes. You can change within any of the traditional residence hall options. You will be billed for a Super Single room according to the rates that were established the first year that you submitted a housing contract.

Can I live in a campus apartment, or Spindler Hall?

No. Only students who live in traditional residence halls are eligible.