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Three-Year Bachelor's Degrees Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible?

All full-time students who begin in fall 2012 are eligible to develop their own individualized plans in consultation with an academic advisor.

2. How soon do I have to decide if this is for me?

You must declare as a freshman your interest in graduating in three years—and plan to meet with an advisor every semester in order to develop and monitor your graduation progress. You also must register on time for the courses that fit your plan and are congruent with WMU’s course offerings (i.e., some coursework will not be available during summer sessions).

3. What is the commitment on my part?

To complete 122 credits after three years, you must complete at least 30 credit hours or more in good standing per academic year (fall & spring semesters), as well as 12 credits during the summer sessions. You must arrive at WMU with the appropriate math placement.

4. What are some of the finer points of reaching this goal?

Students must elect their major and minor before or upon completing their first 30 credit hours and stick with them (or earlier for highly structured programs), then maintain the grade point averages and other academic standards required by the major, the college, and the University.

5. How will this affect my schedule?

Students must be committed and be flexible. You may need to take a class at a time that isn’t convenient, or be willing to substitute a course for one that is unavailable during a given semester or time of day.

6. Is this a guarantee?

Participation in this program should not be considered as contractual on WMU’s part. Having said that, we will do all we can within reason that we can to help you reach your goal.