Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer for Western Michigan University Disability Services for Students

Disability Services for Students has several volunteer opportunities. Your support is appreciated. If you belong to an organization or are taking a course that requires volunteer opportunities, consider DSS. Please note: You must be either a graduate student or a faculty/staff member to volunteer for reading/scribing for tests.

Reading Tests

These volunteers read tests/exams for students with print disabilities such as blindness, low vision, dyslexia, etc. Volunteering to be a reader is limited to graduate students, faculty and staff.

Scribing Tests

These volunteers write or use a word processor to record responses for students with dysgraphia, blindness, cerebral palsy, etc. Scribes may also fill in the bubbles on scantron sheets. Volunteering to be a scribe is limited to graduate students, faculty and staff.

Driver for the Temporary Transportation Utility Vehicle

These volunteers drive students with temporary mobility conditions such as broken legs, surgeries, or for students using crutches, etc. Volunteers must have a good driving record, a valid driver's license, and attend a brief training. Any student, staff or faculty member may volunteer to drive.

If you are interested, please submit the following form.