Consumer chosen for United Way campaign

Jenny from Healthy Lifestyles

Because of her success with the Western Michigan University Center for Disability Services' United Way funded Healthy Lifestyles program, Jenny was chosen to be a face of the 2015 United Way Campaign.

Jenny was born with Down syndrome. It’s been hard for her but now she is happily living on her own. When she moved out of her parent’s home, she had a hard time eating right and exercising. She gained weight and was not healthy.

Then she joined the Healthy Lifestyles classes through CDS. Her life changed! She learned how to plan and make healthy meals. She keeps pictures of fruits and vegetables in her kitchen. If she goes out to eat, she will stop before she gets too full and ask for a box to go. She has lost 27 pounds in a year, and she wants to lose more!

If you are interested in designating your gift to United Way to the Center for Disability Services, please specify on your form by entering in number 11, our organization number.