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Welcome to PromiseNet 2010, June 16 - 18

Kalamazoo is happy to have hosted the third annual PromiseNet conference entitled "Investing in Youth for Community Transformation." PromiseNet, established in 2008, is a network of communities investing in education and economic development through place-based scholarship programs. The annual conference is designed to bring together individuals that are pursuing these strategies in their own communities, as well as others in the planning stages, for learning, reflection, and interaction. The network's first annual conference was held in Kalamazoo in June 2008 and the second in Denver in June 2009. We are confident that this conference, like its predecessors, provided rich opportunities for mutual learning and the deepening of connections among people and places engaged in education-based community revitalization. Conference presentations and proceedings will be posted on this web site. Just go to the tab labeled Presentations. To participate in ongoing dialogue around issues raised at the conference, you are invited to join the PromiseNet listserv. The listserv is hosted by Syracuse University. Instructions for signing up are listed below.

1) Sign up for the list serve by sending an email to in the "To" box,

2) Type "Subscribe PromiseNet yourname" in the e-mail message. For example, if your name is Alex Neverovitch you would send the following message to

Subscribe PromiseNet Alex Neverovitch

Once you subscribe you will get additional information regarding how the list serve works and different ways to administer your subscription.

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