Society of Composers, Inc., 2014 Region V Conference, March 27–29, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

About the Conference

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 2014 Society for Composers, Inc. Region V Conference at Western Michigan University. We are very excited about this opportunity to present three days of contemporary music and scholarship. Over 500 works were submitted in application for this year’s event. Congratulations on your selection!

Our goal with this conference was to select experimental and traditional compositions encompassing a broad range of styles and media. The selection process involved many WMU ensemble directors and performance faculty. Without their work and generosity, this conference would not have been possible. We would also like to thank Dr. John Griffin who helped with the initial screening and adjudication of submissions.

We want to thank all the composers for submitting your work, for traveling to Kalamazoo, and for attending the conference. The WMU School of Music and Composition Area are excited to have you here building this community with us. We are also grateful to the many faculty, student, and guest performers who are lending their time and talents to make this a successful conference. We want to extend a special thank you to Dr. Kimberly Dunn Adams, Dr. Scott Boerma, Dr. David Colson, Dr. Steve Wolfinbarger and Professor Renata Artman Knific for their work with ensembles and their assistance in the selection of works. This conference has added to the already heavy loads of many of the School of Music office staff – particularly Director of Concerts Kevin West, Concerts Office Assistant Alexandria Shiner, Business Manager Deborah O’Keefe, and Office Assistant Samantha Conley – and we are thankful for their time and support. Lastly, we want to thank Mark Phillips and Mike McFerron who offered us guidance during the process of organizing this event.

During the conference, members of the Western Student Composer’s Alliance (WSCA) will be involved in helping with registration, stage management, and answering whatever logistical questions you may have. Additionally, students from the WSCA will be involved in setting up, operating, and organizing the robust technology required for this conference. We are fortunate to have the support of our student group and hope you will ask them questions or just say hello during these three days of concerts and paper presentations.

We are delighted that you have chosen to attend this conference and we hope that you enjoy your time at Western Michigan University and in Kalamazoo.


Christopher Biggs, Co-host
Lisa R. Coons, Co-host

Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 27th

5:30-7:15 PM: Rehearsals in Dalton Lecture Hall

7:00–7:30 PM: Registration open in front of Dalton Lecture Hall

7:30 PM: Concert I in Dalton Lecture Hall Concert

8:45 PM: Composers/Participants head to Bell’s Brewery

Friday, March 28th

7:30–9:15 AM: Rehearsal in Dalton Recital Hall

8:30–9:30 AM: Registration open in front of Dalton Recital Hall

9:30 AM: Concert II in Dalton Recital Hall

11–12 PM: Paper Presentation: in Dalton Lecture Hall

12–2 PM: Lunch and SCI Member’s Meeting in Dalton Center Green Room

1–2:15: Rehearsals in Dalton Recital Hall

1–2:00: Paper Presentation: in Dalton Lecture Hall

2–2:30: Registration open in front of Dalton Recital Hall

2:30 PM: Concert III in Dalton Recital Hall

4–5 PM: Paper Presentation in Dalton Lecture Hall


6-7:30 PM: Rehearsals in Recital Hall

7:30–8:00 PM: Registration open in front of Dalton Recital Hall

8 PM: Concert IV in Dalton Recital Hall

9:30 PM: Composers/Participants head to Beer Exchange

Saturday, March 29th

7:30–9:15 AM: Rehearsal in Dalton Recital Hall

9–9:30 AM: Registration open in front of Dalton Recital Hall

9:30 AM: Concert V in Dalton Recital Hall


1–2:15 PM: Rehearsals in Dalton Recital Hall

2–2:30: Registration open in front of Dalton Recital Hall

2:30 PM: Concert VI in Dalton Recital Hall

4–5 PM: Paper Presentation in Dalton Recital Hall


6–7:30 PM: Rehearsals in Dalton Recital Hall

8 PM : Concert VII




The registration fee is $50 before March 1 and $65 after that.


You can register online.

Travel Information


Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport is located just a few miles from downtown Kalamazoo and the Radisson. Kalamazoo Metro Transit Information can be found online.


The Radisson has a limited number of significantly discounted rooms reserved for the conference. Please call (269) 343-3333 and be sure to mention the SCI Region V Conference to receive the discount. The hotel is located close to the University and Kalamazoo Metro Transit has bus service from right next to the hotel to the University. Also in proximity to Bell's Brewery, the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange and many other dining options.


The following options are nearby:

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