When coming to Miller Auditorium, bags and purses should be no larger than 4.5" X 6.5" or approximately the size of a small hand bag/clutch purse.  Anything larger than that may be subject to search or you may be requested to return the bag to your vehicle.  Backpacks of any kind are strictly prohibited. 

It is very crowded after Commencement and it can be difficult for graduates, family members, and friends to find each other. Before the ceremony begins please decide where you will meet your family and friends afterward. If you are making dinner reservations please remember that the ceremony lasts approximately two hours and it may take more time than expected for graduates, family members, and friends to reunite and exit the parking lot.

Special Needs

Students who have serious disabilities, which make it difficult to participate in the ceremony, should call (269) 387-4300 to make arrangements.

Family and friends that will be attending commencement, who need accessible seating or other accessibility services such as sign language interpretation, please call (269) 387-2320 to make arrangements.

Lost and found

Any items lost or left behind during the commencement ceremony will be taken to the information table located on the stage in Shaw Theatre. After the ceremony, all unclaimed lost and found items will be taken to the Department of Public Safety, located at 511 Monroe Street behind the University Roadhouse.