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A landing page is an enhanced page used for a section's home page or a portal site. The landing page has its own content (i.e., Section, Title, URL slug, Video or Image, Heading, Body and Button fields), but it also references several different content types that exist outside the landing page itself (i.e., slideshows, calls to action and infographics).

The landing page also includes a news and events feed concept under the "Manage queues" and "Settings" options in the administration bar. This allows published news articles and events to be feed into the landing page—regardless of which section originally created them.

See examples of landing pages in action:

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If this landing page will be replacing an existing page, please enter the path to the existing page here. A temporary URL will then be assigned to the landing page until it is ready to deploy. For example, if you were requesting a new landing page to replace the College of Arts and Sciences home page, you would enter arts-sciences here. The landing page would then be created as Once work on the new landing page is finished, it would be moved to, and the old home page would be unpublished and moved to
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