Benefits and drawbacks of WMU CMS


  • Global responsive design compatibility for web devices ranging from smartphones to large-screen monitors.
  • Simultaneous posting of campus emergency and weather closing announcements on every page in the system.
  • Consistent University branding.
  • Greatly enhanced system security.
  • Consistent application of best practices for accessibility.
  • Improved quality control to ensure that images and web content are of a high caliber.
  • New features are implemented system-wide, not through individual sections.


  • Limited but growing set of features and tools for customizing pages.
  • No ability to use advanced programming languages (such as PHP, JavaScript or MySQL) through the user interface. However, new capabilities can be built for the system using these languages by working with the Office of University Relations.
  • You will need to use a local VPN client—not a web-based client, such as vpn.wmich.edu—to access CMS pages from off campus.

Access to the CMS

  • There are no "group accounts" in WMU CMS; rather, users log in individually with their Bronco NetID usernames and passwords.
  • Users can be assigned to one or more sections with a specific role in each section.
  • Every change made in the system is logged and associated to the specific person who made it.

Version history

2.0 (Andalusian)

Released on July 28, 2015, this version introduced a new visual theme.

3.0 (Breton)

Released on Dec. 11, 2015, this version introduced new layout options for section home pages.

4.0 (Clydesdale)

In development.