VHS Tape Obsolescense

VCRs that play back VHS tape are no longer available.  As Information Technology updates classrooms, the obsolete VCRs are being removed.  Over the next several years, VCRs will be replaced with DVD/Blu-Ray devices in classrooms.  If a faculty member has access to a VHS VCR, they can connect the VCR into the classroom technology using the video and audio input connectors on the cart. 

This document outlines the best practices available to facilitate the transition from the VHS tape format to DVD or streaming media.

  1. Contact the librarian assigned to your department. The library offers many streaming video resources for academic use, including “Films on Demand” and "Academic Video Online". University Libraries also has acquisition funds available for media.  They will attempt to purchase the media in a streaming format first, then DVD.  See more information on streaming video resources available through University Libraries. We should realize that the DVD format is a short term format that is rapidly losing popularity.
  2. Search on YouTube for new content.  There are excellent videos on most topics available on YouTube.
  3. If the content is not available in a DVD format, the VHS tape owner should make a good faith effort to contact the copyright holder and secure permission to convert the format. 

See also media conversion policy.

Contact Media Services at (269) 387-5020 to schedule the conversion from VHS tape to DVD or streaming media.