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The professional training and caring staff at the WMU Children’s Place Learning Center focus on the unique needs of each child enrolled in our program. Low child-teacher ratios allow our teachers to interact and guide each child’s development based on their individual needs. Parents can be confident that their children will receive specialized personal attention that contributes to a positive learning experience.

Great Start to Quality

Great Start to Quality is the State of Michigan’s quality rating and improvement system. Centers and child care homes are rated on 5 star system based on an evaluation process that encompasses all aspects of quality child care. The star system rates child care centers and homes from a one star level that denotes basic licensing requirements to a four or five star rating denoting highest quality.

The Children’s Place Learning Center is proud to have earned a four star rating. We are currently awaiting our final evaluation, which could move us to a five star rating.

For more information, visit the Great Start to Quality website.

Kalamazoo County Ready 4s

KC Ready 4s is a community-designed program with the goal of providing all 4-year-olds an opportunity to attend a high-quality pre-kindergarten program. KC Ready 4s provides tuition assistance to eligible 4-year-olds attending an approved pre-kindergarten program for 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. In addition to tuition assistance, KC Ready 4s offers speech, hearing and language screening, monthly parent meetings and a spring event focused on expectations of kindergarten. To be an approved KC Ready 4s site, a center must maintain a four to five star rating in Michigan's Great Start to Quality star rating system.

The Children's Place Learning Center is an approved KC Ready 4s site.
For more information on KC Ready 4s program, please go to

Great Start to Readiness Program logoGreat Start to Readiness Program

The Children's Place Learning Center is one of 9 private centers in Kalamazoo County approved as a GSRP site. GSRP is a state-funded program providing no-cost tuition for eligible 4-year-olds attending an approved high-quality pre-kindergarten program four days per week for 30 weeks.

NAEYC accreditation

National standards for high quality in early childhood care and education is indicated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation. Our center achieved the NAEYC accreditation in April of 2005 and remains dedicated to continuous improvement and providing the best possible educational opportunities for children in our program.

WMU College of Education

The Children’s Place Learning Center cooperates with the WMU College of Education to provide high-quality professional care appropriate to each child’s development. Each semester, College of Education intern teachers supplement our teaching staff and bring an enthusiastic fresh perspective to the center.