Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Sophia Rath

Photo of Sophia Rath.

Admit year



Sunny Southern California, namely Riverside and Orange County


Dr. Jim Croteau

Research interests

Right now they are focused on the Asian-American experience, especially those of Cambodian Americans in the context of immigration, acculturation, biculturalism, and the impact of these experiences on mental health. I’ve also begun looking at animal/human interactions and the experiences of multiracial counseling supervisees.

Professional experiences in the program

Some of my duties as a doctoral associate have included assisting the training directors of the Counseling Psychology Training Committee, being a teaching assistant for Counseling Techniques and Family Therapy, and working as a psychological evaluator in our Grand Rapids clinic. I have also worked as a counselor in our Kalamazoo clinic and a local elementary school.

Post-graduation plans

A little bit of everything. I would love to see myself teaching and doing therapy on the side, or vice versa. I’m also interested in testing, training, we’ll see!