CECP Faculty Continue Work with KPS

Sep. 14, 2016

Image of Dr. Joseph R. Morris and Dr. Mary Z. Anderson (left)Dr. Joseph R. Morris and Dr. Mary Z. Anderson (left) continued their work with the Kalamazoo Public Schools this summer. For the second consecutive year, Drs. Morris and Anderson trained facilitators to deliver training to increase culturally responsive practices among professional staff, including teachers, administrators, counselors, speech pathologists, school psychologists, in the Kalamazoo Public Schools. Last year only secondary professional staff members were trained. This summer secondary personnel received additional training while elementary staff were introduced to the training. Over 1000 individuals were trained.

Training started with a keynote address by Dr. Morris to all KPS staff members focused on the importance of teacher-student relationships to academic achievement, stereotype threat and the relevance of mentoring and culturally responsive practices. The keynote address built on Dr. Morris and Dr. Anderson's experiences supporting culturally responsive leadership for building principals, partnering to introduce a male mentoring program for KPS students, and Dr. Morris' longstanding work at Washington Writers' Academy. Drs. Morris and Anderson appreciate the assistance of counseling psychology doctoral student Michelle Stahl with data analysis.