What to Expect

Western Michigan University Long Distance Writing Center Assistance

Website: wmich.edu/casp/writingcenter
Telephone Number: 269.387.4615
Skype Name: WMUwritingcenter1
Email: writing-center@wmich.edu

For students who can’t visit our Center in person, we offer telephone and Skype appointments and drop-in sessions.

By making an appointment, you can ensure you have a set time at the Writing Center and may have up to 50 minutes of assistance. If you have not planned an appointment in advance or have only a question or two, use our drop-in sessions. A drop-in will last at least 20 minutes.

Long Distance Appointments

To make a long distance appointment, use our online scheduler by following these steps:

  1. Search for Western Michigan University Writing Center on the Internet or go to wmich.edu/casp/writingcenter.

  2. Click on the link “Schedule an appointment,” once you are at the Writing Center website.

  3. Click on the registration link if you’re a first-time user (You’ll need your WIN, a WMU or preferred email, and the telephone number where we may contact you. Once you register, you’ll be prompted to log-in.) OR

  4. Log-in if you have previously registered with the scheduler.

  5. Select an appointment time.

  6. Note in the “What would you like to work on today?” section that you want a long distance appointment, and include your telephone number (for telephone appointments) or Skype name (for Skype appointments).

    Telephone Appointment Example Note: Long distance appointment. Please call me at 269.387.XXX to discuss a memo I have to write for my Business 2450 class.

    Skype Appointment Example Note: Long distance appointment. My Skype name is Yourskypename. I’ll take the steps to add you to my Skype list. I want to discuss a memo for my Business 2450 class.

  7. Add WMUWritingCenter1 to your Skype list, if you want to Skype. (Skype is free and easy to use, but one has to know what one is doing. If you don’t already Skype and want to learn how, consider using part of your first telephone appointment with us or a drop-in session to learn about Skype.)

Whether appointments are held in the Writing Center or by technology, students and consultants are expected to be available at the beginning of their Writing Center appointments. Our consultant generally initiates the session by calling the telephone number you left us or your Skype account. Technology can be quirky, so call us at 269.387.4615 if we have not contacted you by five minutes after your appointment is supposed to begin (example, call at 2:05 for a 2:00 appointment if we have not yet contacted you). In addition, should we not be able to reach you for a telephone/Skype appointment and you do not contact us within 10 minutes of the appointment start time, we may turn our attention to waiting students and request you reschedule.

You may cancel appointments via the online scheduler, but please call us at 269.387.4615 if you are cancelling within four hours of an appointment. Students who repeatedly skip appointments or cancel at the last minute may have their appointment privileges restricted or cancelled.

Drop-in Sessions

Drop-in sessions work great for people who can’t get appointments, have only a few questions, or suddenly discover they have questions. To drop-in long distance, call us at 269.387.4615 during our open hours. The drop-in consultant will work with you immediately or, if the consultant is busy with Student A, a receptionist will take your telephone number and let you know how long your wait for help may be. The drop-in consultant will finish with Student A and call you back, usually within the hour.

Assistance Strategies

Students may have two Writing Center appointments a week and only one appointment or drop-in session a day.

Our Email

If you want to review a text during your long distance session, you may email us the text at writing-center@wmich.edu


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