Career Outcomes for 2013-14 WMU Graduates

Post-Graduation Success. WMU grads in 40 states. 14% continuing education. Half of graduates earn $45k or more. 70% completed internships.

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Post-Graduation Activity Report 2013-14

Career and Student Employment Services surveyed all (N=5252) WMU students graduating with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and post-baccalaureate certificates between August 2013 and June 2014.  Data was obtained for 68.35% of the population (N=3590).

Post-graduation active engagement

89% (N=3159) of WMU graduates are actively engaged within three months of graduation.  “Active engagement” is defined as full-time employment (including self-employment and post-graduate internships/fellowships); part-time employment (including those who are seeking and those who are not seeking full-time employment); continuing education; and military service.  Categories not included in active engagement are unemployed and seeking employment; not seeking employment; and volunteering.

Full-time employment

  • 62.5% (N=2217) of respondents are employed full time (including post-graduation internship/fellowship and self-employment).   
  • 81% (N=1052) of respondents working full-time stated that their job is related to their degree.
  • The most frequent methods of finding full-time employment included networking (30%; N=380), previous internship or work experience (20%; N=254), employer websites (16%; N=199), and WMU career fairs (13%; N=161).
  • WMU graduates reported employment in 41 U.S. states. The most common state of employment was Michigan (74%; N=1403), followed by Illinois (7%; N=131), Indiana (2%; N=43), and California (1.5%; N=29).  Almost three percent (2.62%; N=50) reported employment outside the United States. 
  • Based on 1211 salaries reported, the median salary range of recent graduates working full-time was $45,001–$50,000.

Continuing education

  • 14.6% (N=519) of respondents are continuing education after graduating from WMU. 
  • 65% (N=284) are pursuing master’s degrees, 28% (N=121) doctoral degrees, 2% (N=10) bachelor’s degrees, 2% (N=9) certificate programs, and 1.6% (N=7) specialist programs.
  • 38% (N=197) of respondents are continuing education at WMU, while the remaining 62% are pursuing additional education at 100 different institutions. 

Internship completion

68.3% (N=1803) of respondents completed an internship or gained other experience related to their field of study.

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