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Manage your career

The hallmarks of solid career management include:

MyWMU, Career and Student Employment Services, and the Zhang Career Center in Haworth College of Business are working together to provide career services for alumni.

Assess where you are and where you want to be

Should I hire a career coach?

Career coaches can be helpful when you want to move to a new employer, change industries or career path, or evaluate your marketability. Each community has career professionals; check local listings or use the links below. Be sure to ask for evidence of credentials and proof of their success before securing their services.

How do I work with an executive search firm?

Executive search firms or agencies – sometimes referred to as “headhunters” – are retained by the employer to help find talent. They find candidates for the employer using LinkedIn, approaching people already employed, and through a variety of other networks. An agency is going to expect you to be a highly skilled, solid professional who is able to communicate in writing and in person. A search agency may assist with resume development and interviewing preparation, but will assume you are mostly ready to go. 

What about working for yourself?

If you have considered starting your own business, there is a great deal of support. 

Maintain and build your professional network

You will need a network of people engaged in the world of work to support your job search or career change efforts. You already have a network around you; you may not realize who you know and the importance of maintaining regular contact. You are someone else’s network, too. Others will look to you for help and connections; it goes both ways.

Stay relevant in your field

Do I need to go back to school?

Sharpen your skills where you are

Investigate the opportunities for professional development. If you are employed, attend webinars, trainings, speakers, and other opportunities offered by your employer. Your community, library, and local community colleges or universities also offer some free evening lectures, classes, speakers, and seminars.  

Regularly update your job search materials and practice interviewing

One size fits all doesn’t work in the job market. Your application materials, interview content and even your reference list should be customized to match with the job you are applying for and the company or organization offering the job. Your “job” is to convince the reader that you have researched the organization, matched your skills and experience to the job opening, and genuinely want this position.

Learn and practice the STAR behavioral interviewing method with Big Interview.
To access the Big Interview alumni site, call 269-387-2745 and request the access code.

What should a resume look like in the current job market?

  • View the resume template to make sure that your resume contains essential information.

What resources can help with a long distance job search?

Salary and benefit considerations