Andell Gill, The 30

Andell Gill, B.B.A.’16

It didn’t take long for Andell Gill to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. In just four years since graduating from WMU, he has become a senior supplier controls analyst for one of the world’s leading medical technology companies—Stryker. This two-time honoree of The 30 has also added a new line to his resume—owner of Legacy 7 Properties LLC, a real estate investment company.

Gill has embarked on several global projects at Stryker, even having the chance to work in Puerto Rico on special assignments. He also spearheaded Stryker’s first case competition on supplier diversity, which involved WMU students. But that incredible drive doesn’t end at the conclusion of the workday. He has raised over $3,000 through a variety of volunteer efforts and is helping individuals who have been incarcerated reacclimate to society, as well as working to create a program to prepare minority students for professional success post-graduation.

  • Creator of Opportunities

    Senior Supplier Controls Analyst, Stryker
  • Bucket list:

    Visit the Seven Wonders of the World, buy my mother her own house, start a foundation for at-risk youth in Detroit, donate at least
    $1 million.

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