Mohmand Saidal

Saidal Mohmand, B.B.A.’12

Idea Guy
Partner and Director, GrizzlyRock Capital

As partner and director of GrizzlyRock Capital, Saidal Mohmand spends his days spearheading investment strategy. He plays an integral role in investment idea generation, analysis and portfolio management, while identifying investments in companies that are dramatically undervalued. And he also plays the part of detective, investigating corporate malfeasance, business models and product fads.

Prior to GrizzlyRock, Mohmand served as an analyst for a regional bank’s leveraged finance team, where he focused on fundamental analysis and credit research. With a passion for paying it forward, Mohmand frequently returns to WMU to visit business classes and speak with the financial services club. He is also committed to serving the Afghan-American community by helping guide students towards a successful education.